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Content Update: 04/04/2017

When it comes to land based casinos, most people have no idea how to get the most out of them. They travel by plane, gamble, eat, sleep and repeat. Once their time is up, they go back home. That is not how traditional land-based casinos are supposed to be enjoyed. If you really want to get the most out of your trip to a land-based casino, follow the guide below.

Hit the Road

The easiest way to enjoy land-based casinos is to actually drive there yourself. The actual trip from your home to a casino is really fun if you have friends with you. When you leave, pack all the essentials, including your bathing suits just in case you want to stop at a beach on the way (which you should).

Remember to pack lots of food and munchies. Then again, you could always stop at a few gas stations or supermarkets and pick up food as you go along. During your drive, remember to play some great music, chat it up with friends and have a blast.

Stay at Motels

On your way to the casino, it is likely that you will need to stop at a hotel or motel. The best idea is to save your money on your short night stays and spend more on the food and drinks; or for the casino.

Visit the Sights

When you are at a famous casino strip, like the many in Las Vegas, it is not fun if you just gamble day and night. There is a lot to do in places like Las Vegas. Try visiting various restaurants, clubs and shows and really enjoy everything the town has to offer.

This is great practice when you are on a losing streak. Visiting the many sights that the town your land-based casino is situated in will really help calm your nerves and improve your game.

When you plan to visit and gamble at a great land-based casino, do not take the easy way out and jump on a plane and gamble day and night. Most people rarely get the chance to even visit a casino or even take some time off work. When you are going gambling, do it right. Take the car; hit the road with a few mates, some nice tunes and some great food and you will get the most out of your land-based casino.

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Monaco-1aThe Principality of Monaco has long held a certain esteem that seems to stop people from taking more than an admiring look at what the place offers. Yes, it is full of the rich and famous, and yes you will see wealth at every turn in Monaco, but that does not mean that you need to be a part of this elite in order to pay a visit to the city.

There are lots of things to do in Monaco, and even just walking around the backstreets can be an adventure and an eye-opening experience. There is of course the Monaco casino, where you can imagine you are James Bond for the night, and go and try your luck playing Roulette or Baccarat just as 007 does himself.

If you take a walk up the hills behind the main water front you will find a lot of narrow winding streets that have some wonderful little restaurants and cafes. This is where you can find affordable dining, and you can eat some amazing food and drink some delicious coffee while watching the world go by. It is a great place for people watching too, as you see many eccentric people walking around.

A walk around the harbour is a must. Just to see the array of millionaires yachts dotted around in the harbour is a fairly unique site. Very rare do you see this much wealth in such a confined area. You may even see a famous face or two as they lay out on the deck of their yacht while it is anchored in the harbour.

If you happen to be in town when the Formula 1 Grand Prix is on, then this is certainly an experience that you cannot miss. Even if you are not into cars or car racing, you still can’t miss this event as it holds so much prestige and is just an incredible experience> Even if you are not there during the Grand Prix, you can still walk around the track, as it is a street track which of course is accessible to anyone.

If you want to try a real Monaco virtual casino, head to Grand Mondial Casino Canada!

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While most people visit San Diego for its wonderful beaches and picturesque weather, the city also features a vibrant art community and a number of museums. Throughout the city, art museums are scattered throughout to provide locals and visitors the opportunity to view fine art while enjoying everything else the city has to offer.

The most popular art museum in the city is the San Diego Museum of Art. Located in the middle of the beautiful Balboa Park, the museum offers a variety of exhibits, with specific focuses on Asian art, Native American memorabilia, and also some contemporary art as well. The museum is accessible from nearly any location in the city and offers a constantly changing schedule of events.

Another popular art institute in San Diego is the Museum of Contemporary Art. There are two locations; one is downtown and also one in La Jolla. Whereas other museums focus on classical pieces of art, the Museum of Contemporary Art features work from young, modern artists. Both locations are highly affordable, with free admission on the third Thursday of every month.

One final art museum is the Timken Museum of Art, which is also located in Balboa Park. Admission is completely free and is open 6 days a week. The collection focuses more on classical eras instead of contemporary pieces. There is an exhibit scheduled through the end of September 2013 involving the Renaissance. With a plethora of art museums scattered throughout the city, anyone in San Diego is only a few blocks away from a quality art museum.

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While most adults love a city break, getting kids excited about spending their vacation wandering through the streets of a strange city sometimes takes a little more effort. Even though it seems like there are less risks than if you’re going on a ski trip, don’t forget about travel insurance before you go! Check out our partner

Here are a few museums that kids will be sure to get excited about.

The Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester, New York – Unlike most children’s museums, the Strong is collections-based, but also very open to play. Some of the favorite attractions here include a walk-in kaleidoscope, life-size pop-up books, and a huge coral reef aquarium.

Miami Children’s Museum, Miami, Florida – This children’s museum lets kids learn through roleplaying in 14 themed rooms. There’s a vet’s office, a place to play firefighter, and a toy supermarket, among other educational roleplaying areas.

The Prague Toy Museum, Prague, Czech Republic – The second-largest toy museum in the world, the Prague Toy Museum contains a rich collection of toys from all over the world, including an entire floor of Barbie dolls. Kids will love the miniatures, and adults will enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Computerspielemuseum, Berlin, Germany – This unique museum is dedicated to video games. It has over 14,000 games, including icons like Super Mario and Pac-Man, and you can even experience virtual reality here.

International Spy Museum, Washington DC – This museum is more of your traditional exhibits behind glass style experience, but the subject matter is sure to captivate the imaginations of children and adults alike. View real spy artifacts like pen cameras, lipstick pistols, and other high-tech gadgets. For an interactive experience, kids can register for the KidSpy Overnight undercover adventure.

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