The USA is a large and incredibly diverse country that offers travelers a lot to do, see and experience, particularly the states on the west coast. One of the things that make the west coast of the United States such an intriguing place to visit is the collection of vibrant cities and dramatic change in the landscape as you move from state to state.
Have a look at a few of the very best locations you should think of visiting the next time you are on the west coast of the USA.

Yosemite National Park, California
Boasting scenic hiking trails, five absolutely epic waterfalls, stunning views of the landscape and a large collection of wildlife, Yosemite National Park is simply a dream come true for the nature enthusiast. Among the hiking trails and sites that you must visit when at the park include Mariposa Grove, Glacier Point, Sentinel Dome, Half Dome, Taft Point, El Capitan and Yosemite Valley. Other fun activities include guided astronomy walks and night bike rides that let you enjoy the amazing night skies over the park.

Portland, Oregon
The city of Portland is famous for its hipster vibe, trendy neighborhoods, indie food scene and an eclectic collection of chic coffee shops. A great way to experience what the city has to offer is by exploring its streets by bike, then following it up with some tasty (and surprisingly cheap!) food from one of the food carts that you will find on most street corners. There is also as vibrant literary scene thanks to the large number of small bookstores available in Portland. No
matter what you want to do Portland is an awesome place to visit with a totally cool feel about it.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Regardless of whether you think Las Vegas is cheesy or glitzy, it is a place that is undoubtedly eye-catching. For a lot of people, the city itself can feel like something of a bubble; if you want to experience a different side of Vegas, you could take a quick day trip to see the Hoover Dam or visit the Grand Canyon during your stay. However, if you are after the glitz and glamor, you can pop into one of the world famous casinos and take a spin on the slots – it may just be
your lucky day! You can also dance the night away at the exciting nightclubs or catch a cabaret show after hitting the slots for the complete Las Vegas  experience. And don’t you worry if you can’t experience a proper casino night in Las Vegas, many online casinos are available and will make you feel like your are at the Bellagio or at the ARIA such as! Check out the website and start playing!

Death Valley, Nevada
Death Valley is, quite literally, one of the hottest locations on the planet. The scorching desert landscape is located on the border between Nevada and California and is well worth visiting – but only if you have set aside enough provisions and water. Explore the iconic landscapes that have earned this place its ominous name. However, as you should when entering any extreme environment, you need to always act sensibly and keep safety foremost in your mind, as it
is a location that will push your body to its limits.

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If you take Las Vegas for example, you will notice that there is a lot going on, day and night. There will never be a time where the only thing you do is gambling. With all the great restaurants (even in casinos), clubs, shows and even conventions, there are many reasons to visit Casinos in Las Vegas but a trip to Las Vegas wouldn’t be a proper one without a game of roulette or blackjack! Before you undertake a visit in one of the casinos of Vegas, make sure you read more about these games strategies. A good site to check is, make sure you take a look.


When you have been gambling for quite a while, you will probably feel very hungry. Fortunately for you, Casinos in Las Vegas have some of the best restaurants you will ever eat at, with many of the world’s top chefs. You can enjoy some fine cuisines at any restaurant. In fact, most casino’s offer a large international menu that is supposed to cater to every kind of guest the casino has.


Many casinos actually host a large variety and number of shows on a daily basis. From singing and dancing, to stand up comedians and famous plays, casinos show them all. Best of all, most of these shows are free or for a very low price. Even better is the fact that most of the world’s best entertainers are hired by one of the many casinos in Las Vegas.


Contrary to popular belief, one of the biggest reasons why many people come to land-based casinos is for the conventions that are held year-round. Many casinos host a number of conventions every year. However, these mainly take place at some of the biggest casinos.

From science fiction conventions to comic and gaming conventions, casinos love hosting conventions as they draw thousands of people; potential gamblers to their casinos.


Most casinos have clubs in their premises. When you have spent enough time gambling, you can visit one of the many clubs in a casino and dance the night away. Then again, if you are not in the mood to dance, you could always visit the club’s bar. A little known fact is that Las Vegas casinos hire some of the greatest bar tenders around. You may even get a chance to meet a special someone at the bar.

Whether you are at a restaurant enjoying some fine cuisines, dancing at a club, drinking at a bar, laughing your socks off to a few stand-up comedians or checking out this year’s comic convention, there is so much more to do at casinos than simple gambling. However make sure you go and take a look at the table games or slots, it might be your lucky day. If you don’t know how to play casino games, have a read at onlinecasinosguidelines and their casino strategy section.

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India entices a large number of tourists around the year. This magical land is gifted with a myriad of charms that are scattered everywhere in India. Some of the major allures are national parks, gardens, parks, lakes, rivers, wildlife sanctuaries, deserts oasis, forts, heritage buildings, palaces, havelis, steamy mountains, cordial ambiance and many more. You could discover all such allures in colorful Indian states namely Delhi, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and lots more. Besides, all such enchanting lures might be enthralling you a lot. The following are places you can visit when traveling to India.

Tamil Nadu Tours.
Tamil Nadu is one of the most visited destinations across South India. This state is well known for its serenity and tranquility. Here, you will be able to search lots of allures which will fascinate you a lot. Few of the renowned allures are holy places, churches, art galleries, museums, gardens, seashores, natural surroundings and so on. All such loveliness could be found in different Tamil Nadu cities viz. Coimbatore, Madurai, Kanyakumari, Theni, Chennai,
Tiruchirapalli, Salem, etc. With the help of Tamilnadu tours, you can find all such wonderful allures of the state.

Kerala Tours.
Kerala is also known as “Green Paradise,” located in southern part of India. This land is popular for its splendor and grandeur. Every year millions of visitors come here from far-flung countries across the globe only to explore the famous attractions of the state like sea beaches,  backwaters, holy places, gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, art galleries, lakes, natural views and many more. All such allures can be found everywhere in this region. Kerala tours offer you the finest opportunity to cover all such spectacular allures in great ways.

Rajasthan Tours.
Deserts oasis, drifting dunes, overwhelming places, fortified forts, grand havelis, beautiful temples & dargah and many more are found in Rajasthan. This land is blessed with some tourist attractions which are spread in every corner of the state like Kota, Ajmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur and lots more. With the help of Rajasthan tours, you would be able to explore all such tremendous allures of the vibrant state which you should not miss during your journey.

Famous Cities in India.
Indian cities are well known for their awe-inspiring beauty which will surely enthrall you a lot. There are some Famous Cities In India like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and so on. Here, you will be able to search so many charms such as shrines, palaces, forts, parks, rivers, gardens, churches, art galleries backwaters, heritage buildings, etc. In between all these activities make sure you indulge yourself and take some time to relax. Locals enjoy gambling and can now play online thanks to sites such as casinoclubindia, offering reviews about the best online casinos currently available. Make sure you take a look as the casinos could be available from your region!

Things to Do in India.
During your journey, you have lots of Things to Do India; for example, you should not miss seeing the loveliness of the Taj Mahal. You may relax & invigorate yourself at sea beaches especially in Goa; you can go for a nature walk, you can choose the houseboat ride in Kerala.

You may also get a taste of Indian history; you can enjoy the savor & flavor of India, you can visit Golden Temple & other shrines or appreciate grand architectural designs of forts & palaces, you may admire Indian art and many more.

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Attracting approximately 27 million tourists each year, London is the most popular thereby the most visited city in Europe. It is no surprise that the city is so many peoples top of list cities to visit. The unique metropolis was founded by the Romans and has seen massive growth over the centuries.

Today, London is recognized worldwide as a home to many outstanding cultures overflowing with history. Let’s explore the ideal activities to do in London

1. Ride the London Eye
Built in 2000 in celebration of the millennium, the tallest observation wheel in Europe has quickly gained popularity and is one of London’s best attractions. The eye is typically a giant wheel that offers a gorgeous view across the city. The wheel is London’s centerpiece during annual new year celebrations. It gives an eye-catching view at night with its seasonal color lighting.

2. Westminster
The Westminster is regarded as the city’s political hub . It is home to the parliament’s houses and world-famous Big Ben. This 700-year old building attracts over one million visitors every year. A trip without visiting Westminster will be incomplete

3. Museums
London is among the top cities in the world with the best cultural museums. The city hosts several reputable museums with most of them located close to each other. You can start with the Natural History Museum , the home to the infamous Diplodocus skeleton. The museum also hosts a variety of fossils and species. You cannot miss out on this!

4. National Gallery
The Gallery was established in 1824 and hosts London’s top classical art. The Gallery is ranked amongst the World’s top Galleries. When it was built, it displayed only 38 paintings. Today the Gallery covers more than 2300 artwork ranging from medieval paintings to the world-famous works. There are free guided tours will make your experience even more nostalgic.

5. The borough market
This famous market is dated back to the thirteenth century. Here, you will find almost anything- from the rare French cheeses, fresh seafood, ostrich burgers and all fresh spices you could imagine of. Most stalls provide free samples, hence there will be no room for any disappointment.

6. Buckingham Palace
Spice up your London trip by taking a tour to this reputable palace. The palace is the official residence of the queen since 1834. Luckily, the palace is open for visitors from July to September and you get the opportunity to take a glance at the state of the loyal lifestyle and the beautiful gardens.

7. The Tower of London
The unmissable tower of London which is a collection of 22 towers is the most famous tourist attraction centre in London. Take an entertaining tour by Yeomen Warders and have a mind-blowing experience as you learn the about tales and the tragedies being this historical loyal place.

8. The Windsor castle
How would it feel to visit the worlds largest and the oldest castle in the world? Exciting, right? It is well known for being the official Queen Elizabeth II’s residenceand has over 900 years of rich royal history. Visit the castle and see the amazing state of the world oldest castle.

London is an ideal place to visit and there are a lot of fascinating things that you can do while there. However, the above listed activities should be at the top of your to-do-list! London is also popular for its weather; you will surely get the 4 seasons in a single day! In case of wet weather, don’t forget other entertainments are available to your such as playing online casinos. For more information visit

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