Arequipa, Peru: An outdoor sport enthusiast’s paradise

Arequipa is a gorgeous city, with a magnetic appeal, which is steeped in history, but it’s the easy access to rock climbing, mountain biking, and trekking that really keeps tourists coming back for more; it’s an outdoor sport enthusiast’s paradise. And even for those not into the outdoors that much, you will be impressed! Peru can offer much more than your average free play casino online.

With the myriad of opportunities on offer in Arequipa, here are three outdoor opportunities that you should not miss out on.

  1.     colca-canyonColca Canyon. This a great start point for any trip to Arequipa. The canyon itself is located 100 miles from Arequipa, although the city serves as a great base for exploration, and, at 4,160m deep, is more than twice the depth of the Grand Canyon. A trek through the canyon is best taken over three or four days and is a journey through some idyllic scenery, as well as giving you the chance to see the Andean Condor in its natural habitat, from the Cruz del Condor viewing point.
  2.     Climb a volcano. Climbing to the top of El Misti, one of Arequipa’s volcanoes, is no mean feat, but the stunning view, from the snow capped peak, is certainly worth the effort. At 5,822 metres, altitude sickness can be a real issue, but if you’re in good shape, and are looking for an extraordinary experience, staring down into the volcano’s crater is something that you will never forget.   det_267
  3.     Ascending Mount Chachani. Billed as one of the most accessible 6,000 metre plus peaks in the world, at 6,075 metres, a trip to the summit of Mount Chanchani is still certainly not a possibility for every tourist. The exhausting, two day trip will push you to your physical and mental limits. If you dare to take on the challenge, you will, after an arduous ice climb near the summit, be rewarded with the view of a lifetime, as well as the adrenaline rush of skiing down the scree as you descend.
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