Dominica and Montserrat: a Different Side of the Caribbean

When thinking about the Caribbean as your next holiday destination, most of you might instantly imagine blissful sandy beaches, clear blue seas, sunny skies, cocktail bars and other comforts found in colourful tropical resorts. While there’s nothing wrong with this kind of holiday, we challenge you to discover a different side of the Caribbean region at two of its less typical – but equally wonderful – destinations! Of course – as everywhere – there are things to look out for. But we’ll do our best to get you covered.


A perfect destination for the adventurers and nature lovers, Dominica doesn’t have those typically splendid Caribbean beaches, but instead offers budget resorts and a magnificent inland nature. This steep island’s great (and sometimes difficult) hiking tracks will take you to the unforgettable exploration of the rainforest, where you can see Dominica’s Boiling Lake – the second largest boiling lake in the world!

At Dominica you can also learn more about the Carib people, after which the whole Caribbean region was named.


An island that combines calmness and excitement, Montserrat will welcome you with its small population and friendly atmosphere, lulling you into relaxed mood while you explore green hills and valleys of the countryside.

On the other hand, not everything on the island is calm. At Montserrat Volcano Observatory you can take a look at Soufrière Hills Volcano, with steam still rising from its crater. After the series of eruptions between 1995 and 1998, the former capital Plymouth was left in ruins. Today, the island has mostly recovered from the catastrophe, but volcano’s marks remain, making astonishing sights in the southwest of the island.

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