Five Day Rental in New York

It may sound unconventional; a vacation during the week is a great way of finding solace from the hectic urban life and to get the relaxation and enjoyment that one deserves.Most people are also afraid to take such trips because of the preparations involved. At, we provide practical tidbits for people interested in touring and travelling. In this post, we will discuss all you can do on a five day rental in New York.

New York is the largest city in the US, and one that buzzes with life all year round. The residents may be fed up of the constant commotion of the city, but ironically, millions from all over the world visit New York just to get engaged in the city’s life.That is why, it is impossible to get bored in the Big Apple. All you need is a relevant travel guide so that you can apportion your days optimally. The following is a list of the major places you can visit during your 5 day stint in New York.

Places to See In NYC
NY offers many exciting locations both for sightseeing and visiting in person. You can stay at the famous Crowe Plaza Hotel which is located at the center of the Times Square. Each room, rather each step of the hotel exudes luxury. The Times Square itself is a renowned attraction of the city. It is an economic paradise, with people coming and going all the time, lots of yellow cabs, and the showy signs and boards. This is where you will find the Broadway as well, which is a treat for music and theater lovers. You can purchase tickets on the spot and the tickets of less popular shows are relatively cheap.

Places to Shop
Not far from the Times Square is the 5th Avenue, where you will find major shopping centers. One of central stores is the Abercrombie & Fitch. The shop attracts customers, mostly due to their semi-nude models posing inside it!
For a more ‘normal’ experience, you can visit the Kenneth Cole store at the 49th Ave, especially if you are into shoes and clothes.
And how can we miss the Hershey’s Great American Chocolate Company? Everyone loves chocolate, but visiting the factory is a truly remarkable experience you will never forget.

Places to Hang Out
It is natural for you to get tired of the constant travelling and shopping. The real reason behind your holiday was to relax. You can head to some of the beautiful parks in NY. Central Park is a good choice. It contains lush green grass and ponds. Take your lunch box and wear your walking shoes and get in touch with nature at the heart of the busiest city in America! Finally, the Bryant Park, although small, is also a great place for a silent retreat. It may not be as green as Central Park, but if you are visiting in winter, you will enjoy the ice arena there.

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