Museum-Hopping with Kids

While most adults love a city break, getting kids excited about spending their vacation wandering through the streets of a strange city sometimes takes a little more effort. Even though it seems like there are less risks than if you’re going on a ski trip, don’t forget about travel insurance before you go! Check out our partner

Here are a few museums that kids will be sure to get excited about.

The Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester, New York – Unlike most children’s museums, the Strong is collections-based, but also very open to play. Some of the favorite attractions here include a walk-in kaleidoscope, life-size pop-up books, and a huge coral reef aquarium.

Miami Children’s Museum, Miami, Florida – This children’s museum lets kids learn through roleplaying in 14 themed rooms. There’s a vet’s office, a place to play firefighter, and a toy supermarket, among other educational roleplaying areas.

The Prague Toy Museum, Prague, Czech Republic – The second-largest toy museum in the world, the Prague Toy Museum contains a rich collection of toys from all over the world, including an entire floor of Barbie dolls. Kids will love the miniatures, and adults will enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Computerspielemuseum, Berlin, Germany – This unique museum is dedicated to video games. It has over 14,000 games, including icons like Super Mario and Pac-Man, and you can even experience virtual reality here.

International Spy Museum, Washington DC – This museum is more of your traditional exhibits behind glass style experience, but the subject matter is sure to captivate the imaginations of children and adults alike. View real spy artifacts like pen cameras, lipstick pistols, and other high-tech gadgets. For an interactive experience, kids can register for the KidSpy Overnight undercover adventure.

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