The Beauty that is Monaco

Monaco-1aThe Principality of Monaco has long held a certain esteem that seems to stop people from taking more than an admiring look at what the place offers. Yes, it is full of the rich and famous, and yes you will see wealth at every turn in Monaco, but that does not mean that you need to be a part of this elite in order to pay a visit to the city.

There are lots of things to do in Monaco, and even just walking around the backstreets can be an adventure and an eye-opening experience. There is of course the Monaco casino, where you can imagine you are James Bond for the night, and go and try your luck playing Roulette or Baccarat just as 007 does himself.

If you take a walk up the hills behind the main water front you will find a lot of narrow winding streets that have some wonderful little restaurants and cafes. This is where you can find affordable dining, and you can eat some amazing food and drink some delicious coffee while watching the world go by. It is a great place for people watching too, as you see many eccentric people walking around.

A walk around the harbour is a must. Just to see the array of millionaires yachts dotted around in the harbour is a fairly unique site. Very rare do you see this much wealth in such a confined area. You may even see a famous face or two as they lay out on the deck of their yacht while it is anchored in the harbour.

If you happen to be in town when the Formula 1 Grand Prix is on, then this is certainly an experience that you cannot miss. Even if you are not into cars or car racing, you still can’t miss this event as it holds so much prestige and is just an incredible experience> Even if you are not there during the Grand Prix, you can still walk around the track, as it is a street track which of course is accessible to anyone.

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